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Reveal the TOP 4 most popular printing services at Kim Hoang

Thermal transfer printing, metallic printing, water - ink printing, and embossing are four of the most favourite printing services in Kim Hoang. All 4 printing technologies possess outstanding advantages, so the finished products always make the customers satisfied. Join us to find information about these 3 printing services through the article below.

Water-ink printing


This is a traditional printing service with low pricing. The biggest advantage of water-based printing is the fast printing time, a large number of prints and can print on many different types of fabric. The water-based printing method saves time and money. In particular, ink prints have fresh definition and color, suitable for many different printing fabrics: silk fabric, cotton, ramie, ..

Water-ink is a user-friendly water-based ink line. Often we will see this technology used in the printing of children's clothing. Because when water penetrates the fabric, it will feel light and not as hard as some other printing methods.

Water-based ink is one of the highly durable inks. Despite repeated exposure to soaked water, ink is also difficult to discolor.

Thermal transfer printing



Thermal transfer printing is a design printing is service that many customers choose to use. Thermal transfer printing is often used for many different types of workpieces: fabric, glass, ceramic tile,.. This is a new form of printing that allows you to print multiple images with complex textures and color easily like print on paper. 

Thermal transfer printing helps to keep the image stable and do not peel off, do not fade when exposed to water and detergent. Note that when printing heat transfer, you must choose a pattern with sufficient definition and size, not too blurry to ensure the quality of the printed image.

Metallic printing

Metallic or in other words, digital metallic printing is the printing method to help the product with aesthetics and accents. Metallic is often applied to embryos such as paper, leather, ... Usually people will use to print envelopes, business cards, leather, …

This printing service uses a special metallic ink to print on the publication. Metallic color varies, depending on the needs of customers. Some commonly used ink colors: Silver Sliver, Golden, White, ... Metallic printing allows fast printing in large quantities.

Embossing printing


Embossing is a printing method commonly used on the market today. By using specialized ink, when subjected to high temperatures, the ink creates a strange floating effect and attracts the viewer. Embossing technology is being applied a lot in the field of fashion.

Typically, embossing technology uses floating ink mixed rubber and floating ink mixed Plastisol. At the same time, the fabrics commonly used in this printing technology are 100% cotton, 100% Polyester, Spandex or Denim.

The embossing technology creates a very good effect, but when used, users should avoid exposing the product to water and detergent for too long.

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Above are 4 of the most prestigious and prestigious printing services in Hanoi at Kim Hoang. Quickly contact us for more detailed advice on the service and how to order.

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