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Kim Hoang Co.Ltd. was founded by Nguyen Dinh Hai, an printing chemical engineer from Ha Noi Polytechnics of the 1972-1977 batch. He established the company in 1978 under the name of Duyen Hai Printing. In 2000, he got a workshop at 46 Hang Quat Street in downtown Ha Noi on lease and changed Duyen Hai Printing into Kim Hoang Co.Ltd.

Đội ngũ cán bộ nhân viên công ty Kim Hoàng

Staff of Kim Hoang Company

Key trades: Manufacture of screen printing products for the textile industry.

From 2005, Ha Noi People's Committee leases out 4,800 sq.m. to Kim Hoang Co.Ltd at Phu Thi Industrial Park in Gia Lam District of Ha Noi to set up its workshops for 50 years. The company has built two workshops then and started operation in 2006.

The first building comprises of a 150 sq.m. large office area and 3 production floors of 1,500 sq.m.

The second one is a Zamil style workshop built on 800 sq.m. of land.

Initially, the company produced mostly by hand. Until 2008, Kim Hoang Co.Ltd. imported its first modern German Schenk printing machine. To date, the company has 9 printing machines of this brand operating smoothly in two shifts, producing some 30,000 products a day or 1,000,000 products a year.

Key manufacturing equipments:

Thiết bị in ấn hiện đại

Modern printing equipment

- Schenk printing machines: 9 units

- Printing lines with hand print table: 15 double lines = 540 m printing tables

- Ahjin Drying Line from ROK: 4 units

- Ahjin Drying Tables: 30 units

- Interrupted Drying Descicators: 6 units

- Thermal Pressing Machines : 10 units

Total staff: 150 persons

Working hours: 07h30 - 16h30. There are also night and extra shifts

Materials used for printing products are supplied by Japan, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan (China) and PRC with all required safety certificates that ensure 100% toxic-free. Our products therefore meet import standards from all countries in the world.

Strong technical staff with 18 highly experienced, responsible and devoted persons.

Nhân viên chuyên nghiệp

Professional staff

Kim Hoang Co.Ltd. always cares for industrial hygiene, labor safety, fire safety, environment safety and food hygiene. Workers interests are well cared for as part of our corporate responsibility. The company also gives due attention to its social respobsibility, hence customers' high valuations.

Kim Hoang Co.Ltd. is a trusted partner of many textile and garment corporations and businesses in Viet Nam and the world and has long-established business connections with the followings:

  • Minh Tri Co.Ltd.
  • Ha Phong Garment Company.
  • Dap Cau Garment Joint Stock Company.
  • Regent Garment Factory Ltd.
  • Star Fashion Co.Ltd.
  • Ha Noi Textile and Garment Joint Stock Corporation
  • Norfolk Hatexco Norfolk Hatexco Ltd.
  • Garment Corporation No. 10

Such corporations and companies are placing large orders from Kim Hoang Co. Ltd.