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High quality and efficient heat transfer printing inks

In the field of printing, Kim Hoang Co. Ltd. prides itself as the leading name in the market today. Employing a strong team of experienced and smart technical staffs plus state-of-the-art machineries and equipments, the company's products are gaining clients' trust. Heat or thermal transfer printing is one of the most trusted technologies. One of the decisive factor in making product quality is the genuine inks. In this article, we are providing the basic information on heat transfer printing inks used in Kim Hoang Co. Ltd.

Key information on heat transfer printing inks

Variety of quality heat transfer printing inks

Inks used in heat transfer printing are specially designed. They can quickly transform from solid to vaporized states during the printing process without resorting to any other medium. This type of ink possesses a special coating that allows it to easily penetrate into the textile fabric. In addition, it has an advantage, i.e. more impressive, sharp and bright colors.

Thanks to the ink's property of being able to evaporate at high heat in a very short time, the printing process is significantly reduced. Once the ink is sprayed on the paper surface, micro holes appear on the paper surface allowing the ink to penetrate quickly into the substrates. As the temperature lowers, the micro-holes shrink and the ink transfers back to its solid state.

Advantage of the heat transfer ink​​​​​​​

This the type of ink most widely used today in teh industry. They possess outstanding advantages that not all ink types could. In terms of colors, they top the list regarding brightness and sharpness. This ink type is also among the most durable in terms of color retention. Products printed with heat transfer inks have longer adhesion, lasting colors, anti-cracks and not easy to come off.

Notes on heat transfer inks​​​​​​​

The heat transfer printing pattern uses genuine ink

This line of inks possesses many outstanding advantages such as their bright, durable, non-fading and non-blurring colors. However, it is necessary to pay due attention to the following principles to make the best of these features:

First, this type of inks can only be used in heat transfer printing technology and for specialized printers. If other kind of printers is employed, the disired colors and quality cannot be met.Second, to ensure that the printing process is not interrupted, it is necessary to check and supply inks regularly to minimize uneven coloring on paper.

Third, heat transfer inks are standardized inks use in this technology. They have high durability and quality. In Kim Hoang Co. Ltd., we devote ourselves to select the most reputable and qualified products for printing. All finished products are well checked. More information on our services are available through our hotline.​​​​​​​

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