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Printing Company with good quality and durable garments

Referring to the quality garment printing company, Kim Hoang is definitely the first name proposed. Over many years of operating in the field of printing, the company has gained a large customer base. We are proud to be a provider of printing service's reputation and leading quality on the market today.

Outstanding advantages of the Kim Hoang Garment Printing Company

Outstanding advantages of the Kim Hoang Garment Printing Company

With more than 40 years of operation in the field of garment printing, all employees of Kim Hoang Garment Printing Company have tried and made non-stop efforts. Up to now, we own a printing service with many outstanding advantages that not all printing units have.

The hardworking garment staff, with high artistic eyes and skillful hands, is the first thing we want to mention. Because Kim Hoang always has a clear concept, a good worker can produce good products. All your needs and design. Our staff work on the principle of respecting customers' ideas. The products that are born have their own imprints that customers want. Our designers not only understand and create a great shirt but also the artists themselves. That means they know how to preserve the most important elements of your design in a way that fits the budget you want to spend.

Garment company that owns modern garment printing technology is considered the most outstanding advantage that Kim Hoang owns. We own the most advanced printing technologies available today and use only leading materials, from apparel, machinery, to ink. All technology lines are controlled by a team of experienced experts in the field of printing. Kim Hoang owns a large-scale technology line to meet the needs of large-volume printing.

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Kim Hoang commits that every garment order is not only met in terms of quality but also guaranteed in time. If your order is not on time or if you are not satisfied with the result, contact us and we will ensure the quality for you. Our customer service staff are available 24 hours a day to ensure the best possible service.

Kim Hoang Company owns the best ink available for printing. The quality inks that suit each printing service will definitely make your shirt long-lasting.

Kim Hoang Garment printing company with any outstanding services?


Kim Hoang Printing Company with diversified services


Kim Hoang provides an extensive and varied garment printing service. Here, customers can choose many different printing styles to suit their needs and purposes. Some of the quality printing services we provide such as: screen printing, metallic printing, garment printing, heat transfer printing, embossing, foil printing, solvent printing, ... Each service has its own advantages. Depending on the type of material that the customer wants to use we will advise a reasonable service.

With a tradition of many years of operation in the field of printing, Kim Hoang Company has been chosen by many domestic and foreign companies. For more specific information about our services, please quickly contact us at HOTLINE 0913 593 824 for more detailed advice.

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